Friday, July 06, 2007

Last Day

Today, July 6th, was my last day at The American School Foundation of Chiapas. Trying to sum up the whole experience would almost certainly bore you. For me, the highlight of my time at the school was definitely the kids. So I put together a slideshow of some pics of the kids. Enjoy!

Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.

I also posted a picture of the new building as an update since I previously blogged the "progress" of the construction (Construction by Snails? - January 20th). I have been told that the teachers will be working in this building in August. I find that very hard to believe. These are the same people who predicted it would be finished last October. I told my students that it should be finished in time for their grandchildren to use it. They thought I was kidding.

In other news, we had an earthquake yesterday. My friends say it was 6.2 on the richter scale, but I think we were not at the epicenter, because it wasn't that bad. The doctor says that I will soon become accustomed to the artificial limbs, but I remain skeptical.

I am returning to Victoria on August 15th. If you know of a nice apartment in or near Saanich, drop me an email.