Sunday, May 27, 2007

Science Shows

Recently, I went with Shelly to the school that the Morales kids go to (Shelly's blog about the kids). Shelly paid a visit to donate playground equipment, teaching equipment and school supplies purchased with money people sent. I took advantage of the visit to go and do some science shows. Actually, I thought I was going to do one show, but there were five classes and I couldn't stand the thought of ignoring the other four classes. Things like science shows don't happen very often in poor neighborhoods (almost never).
Once again, I expected the children to be fairly wild and difficult to deal with. And once again, I could not have been more wrong. Their politeness and good listening was unparalleled outside of monasteries. When I had finished and the kids were leaving, I realized that I want to come again to see these kids again very soon. Making children happy is addictive.

Of course, I had to do the shows in Spanish. These children do not speak English. It was tough, but I pulled it off. I had encouraged Shelly and the teachers to correct me or explain further when necessary, but they did not need to do this very much.

Shelly took the pictures. Of course, I was a little busy.

Something that is different about a school like this is that each classroom has a mix of ages. You are in grade one if it is your first year and you're in grade three if it is your third year. The grade one class had a mix of kids from ages six to twelve. This would result in some very different and possibly, challenging classroom dynamics, I would expect.


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